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Gulf of Poets

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The La Spezia Gulf is a deep creek that extends from Portovenere to Punta Bianca, a mix of colors with an infinity of nuances where the sky and the sea seem to fuse to exalt now the silvery grey of the cliffs, now the emerald green of a vegetation that is mirrored in the sea. Getting to it from the sea means taking an unique view at a glance, with the magnificent Apuane Alps that rise behind the nearby Versilian coastline.
In the Eastern part of the Gulf you find villages such as Tellaro, charming and colored, and bigger towns like Lerici, gathered round a little bay closed by a rocky promontory a massive castle stands on.
In the next one San Lorenzo stayed in 1822, the English romantic poet Perey B. Shelley with the brilliant wife Mary (the author of “Frankestein”), enjoying the frequent company of Lord Byron and of the extraordinary beauty of the scenes.
Thanks to these and other famous guests arrived at its shores, the La Spezia Gulf has become the Poets’ Gulf, name that suits the graceful and original landscape of this far strip of the Eastern Riviera.

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