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Visit Chiavari with the lines: 2

It is the capital al the Tigullio Gull with approximately 30.0000 inhabitants.

It is lively town with its typical historical centre where it is possible to enjoy a unique atmosphere mixing together crowed areas, like the daily market, and the more isolated corners like tiny mediaval squares. The “Carruggio” the main lane, with its elegant medieval porticoes in black stone is the heart al Chiavari, here you can easily find many shops al every type. Handicrafts activities like chair making (the Campanino Chairs) site working, hand made manufacturing, gastronomy, the sea and the touristic harbour are part of its economy and a good reason to come and visit. The best way to discover Chiavari is on foot, without forgetting the hilly inland so rich in olive groves and that can offer breathtaking views.

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How to reach this boarding point

Boarding by the pier under the Control Tower of the Marina

Comune di Chiavari
MON 10
Cielo sereno
30 ° C
TUE 11
Cielo coperto
28 ° C
WED 12
Cielo sereno
28 ° C
THU 13
Cielo sereno
28 ° C
FRI 14
Pioggia leggera
26 ° C
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27 ° C
SUN 16
Pioggia leggera
27 ° C

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