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Trattoria “DEI PESCATORI ” Restaurant


ristorante luca

It’s been since 1910 that these walls mean good food and hospitality. Almost a century dedicated to traditional ligurian cooking with a simple aim: to satisfy every single customer.

To make sure we reach such a goal, we have taken every aspect into consideration, obviously starting from the food: the freshest ingredients, coming from the local fisheries, contribute to the creation of dishes that leave nothing to be desired. Wholesome and simple cuisine; homemade pastas and desserts, from the ravioli up to the ice creams, to offer you the chance to eat the way it used to be in the past: with love.

Which better surroundings than the Trattoria dei Pescatori to feel the touch of past times? Instead of chasing the latest trends, we have decided to embrace our past, our tradition and the objects that make part of it. The restaurant is furnished with original antiques from the past decades, immaculate witnesses of the things we were surrounded with when we were young. From the juke box loaded with records from the ‘60’s and ‘70s to the advertising boards of the fifties, from the valve radio to the turntable cabinet, from the big black telephone when we needed a switchboard operator to make calls outside town, to the tin cars some of you used to play with in your grandma’s living room… everything is there to bring to mind everybody’s own personal memories.

 Via Tommaso Bottaro, 43
Tel: +39 0185.286747

Santa Margherita Ligure
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