About us

Once upon a time there was a fistful of those seamen you can only see on the books now, the ones who furrows
the oceans on cargos and liners with tatoos and a nice lady who waited for them at any ports…

Then those rude seamen left the ships and they stop in the places where they were born, and when the first tourist
came to the Riviera they thought to show them the beauties of the Tigullio Gulf on their little boats.
Everybody liked the idea and soon a bit bigger boats arrived, equipped and driven by those picturesque and prickly men,
who could be so enterprising to unite to work together and to build new boats in order to offer a better service and to accommodate more passengers.

The ferrymen of today are the descendants of those old boatmen who in the last Fifties and in the Sixties already went to Portofino and S. Fruttuoso
and proposed trips (epical at that time!) to the Cinque Terre and Portovenere.

In those years the first nucleus of the today’s Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio was formed, and it was subsequently broadened several times till including all the local operators of that field and getting the actual name in 1983.
Today the Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio have at its disposal 9 boats from 18 to 31 m long, with a passenger burden between 130 and 400 seats.

They are in different sizes; they vary from the classic warm wooden ones to the more modern fibreglass ones, but all pushed from modern propellers
that can assure a good cruise speed in order to easily reach relatively far away destinations.
In a word tradition and experience represents the foundations of our Company, and for the tourists who stay in our region the opportunity of living unique excursions…

You can’t give up them if you want to enjoy the enchantment of our villages, the charm of the Tigullio Gulf and of all the Eastern Riviera Ligure!