Line 3

Boarding points

The line will resume from spring 2024

Line 3…It’s a very panoramic boat ride, leaving from the Tigullian Gulf you can admire the entire Eastern Ligurian Riviera all the way to the pearl of the Gulf of Poets.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Marine Protected Area of ​​5 Terre we are forced to change the program as follows:
View from the sea of ​​all the towns of the 5 lands and stop for 3 and a half hours in Portovenere.
Tour of the Palmaria Island
Return late afternoon

The office is open: from monday to saturday h. 8.30 /12.30 am – h. 2 / 6 pm
Sunday: h. 8.30 /12.00 am
Reservation must be received by 5 p.m
Departure is with a minimum of 20 passengers per boarding point.

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Useful info

In accordance with the Navigation Code and in case of adverse marine weather conditions, objective necessity and / or force majeure,
the Captain has the right to cancel the scheduled departure, to modify the tour (add or omit stopovers), to vary the port of departure.

Panoramic tour from the sea of all the villages of the 5 terre, and Palmaria Island.
Unique 3-hour stop in Portovenere.
Return: Departure time from Portovenere will be announced on board.
Return late afternoon.
It is made by online reservation.

Line 3

  • S. Margherita Ligure
  • Rapallo
  • Chiavari
  • Lavagna
  • Sestri levante
  • Porto Venere
  • Cinque Terre

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