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Lavagna is separated from Chiavari by the Ente/la River but their rivalry dates back to ancient times.
The little town lives on tourism and related activities because of the many first-class hotels and services as far instance the touristic harbour,
one of the largest in the South Mediterranean area. The town is well equipped and can accommodate more then 1600 boats and yachts.
In the Middle Ages Lavagna was one the most important town of the area, dominated by the Fieschi family even if in contrast with the Maritime republic of Genoa.

After long struggles it was finally annexed to Genoa in 1198.
The Fieschi family took part in the conspiracy against the great admiral Andrea Doria, the failure of this conspiracy and the death of Gian Luigi Fieschi caused the decadence of this powerful family.
The glorious past of Lavagna lives again every year on the 14th August with a feast and a parade in costume universally known as Torta dei Fieschi.
The popular event gets together in Piazza Veneto thousand of tourists attracted also by the big wedding cake created by the great local pastry chefs.
A clear sea long sandy beaches, fun, history and art, food, hospitality and services are the reason for a visit of the Tigullio Gulf and mainly far a visit and stay in Lavagna.

To see in Lavagna:
Casa Carbone property of F.A.I., Basilica of Santa Stefano, Monumental Cemetery,
Sanctuary of Nostra Signora del Carmine, Ravenna Palace (civic library), Abby of the Fieschi.

How to reach this boarding point:

Boarding by the pier inside the Marina by entry from Milano Square.