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Portofino is the most famous Ligurian town in the world.
The presence of consuls, emperors , men of letters, Hollywood Stars, statesmen, rich business men, contributed to the creation
of its special atmosphere and to make the name of Portofino known all over the world.

This touch of jet set and the essential beauty of the area mix together in an extraordinary cocktail, in Portofino simplicity and refined taste live together in a magic atmosphere.
Portofino is an international seaside resort and since 1995 it is included in the “Pea/s of the European Tourism Club” which gathers high touristic, environmental and cultural resorts.

The little ” Piazzetta” (square), the tiny harbour, the old town’s lanes, the typical shops I but a/so a lush vegetation and pathways along the Mountain on the back,
a clear blue sea ,the sparkling bay ,the fishermen’s activities create an unforgettable sight, just only this area can offer.

How to reach this boarding point:

Boarding by the pier “Umberto I”