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San Fruttuoso

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In a little bay between Camogli and Portofino, you can discover one of the Ligurian gems: S. Fruttuoso.
At the Portofino Mount feet, S. Fruttuoso is reachable only by see with our boats or on foot along the path of the Portofino Natural Park.
The set is dominated by the Abbey that dates back to the 11th century, by the prominent beach, the Church, the Doria tower, a few fishermen houses.
A legend tells that the Bishop Fruttuoso, dead on stakes in Spain, dreamt the place where the Abbey should be founded and referred that to 5 monks,
who recognized the spot and built the Abbey, after a ling wandering along the Ligurian coasts.
The first historical document which refers to the Abbey dates back to 984 A.D., then first went into the hands of the Benedictines and secondly to the Doria Family who made it bigger.
In 1983 the Doria Pamphily Family donated the full settlement to FAI “Italian Environment Fund” and then the Abbey was totally restored.
San Fruttuoso Bay is even wordly famous for the bronze statue of the Christ of the Abysses, 15 metre deep on the seabed.
You can see it when the sea is very clear. A copy of it is shown inside the Church.

Discover S. Fruttuoso Abbey – Jewel of the Mount of Portofino:
n the Promontory hearth, between Camogli and Portofino, it is set the ancient S. Fruttuoso Abbey,
built between the X and the XII century, restored and open to the FAI public – Italian Environment Found since 1998.
Benedictine Monastery, den of pirates, humble dwelling of fishermen and then Doria princes’ property for centuries: S. Fruttuoso is a magic place immersed in the nature,
reachable only by the sea (by ferry, see line 1 and line 2) or through the paths of the Portofino Mount Park.

How to reach this boarding point:

Boarding by the pier for ferries.