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Sestri Levante

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Sestri Levante is called “the town with two seas”: the first one is the lively and crowded Bay of the Fables.
It takes this name because of the presence of the writer Hans Christian Andersen, the second one is the seducing and romantic Bay of Silence.
During the centuries the nature has created the thin strep of land linking the mainland to the island forming this “little paradise” and these unforgettable bays.

At dusk the lights of bars, restaurants and houses create an incredible charming atmosphere.
Sestri Levante offers a wide range of first class hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs without forgetting the touch of art which characterised the all Ligurian Region so rich in history and culture.
Don’t miss the opportunity far a longer stay or a simple visit in this fascinating and fabulous area.

To see in Sestri Levante:
Baia of Favole, Baia of Silenzio, Church of San Nicolò, Palace Durazzo Pallavicini, Church of Santa Maria of Nazareth,
Gallery Rizzi, Church of Immacolata Concezione, MuSeL – Archeological Museum and of the City.

To see around Sestri Levante:
Church of Santa Giulia of Centaura, Cavi of Lavagna, Lavagna, Riva Trigoso, Moneglia, Chiavari,
Sanctuary of N. S. of Guardia al colle of Velva, Church Parrocchiale of San Antonio.

How to reach this boarding point:

Boarding by the pier at the end of the sea promenade towards the Marina.