Gulf of Poets


Visit with the lines:

On the PALMARIA Island, sea resort separated from Portovenere by a narrow and busy channel, besides some marble abandoned caves it is facing the sea the nice Blu-Light Cave
(reachable only by small boats) and, further up, the famous Dove Cave, a gorge where have been found animal bones, human burial ruins and manufactured articles at least 5000 years old.

On the Tino Island, open to the public only on the 13th September, or on the closest Sunday, there are ruins of a chapel built in the VII century to host
San Venerio’s remains (who stayed there as a hermit), and those of a monastery and of a XI century church.

Even in the little TINETTO rock, swept without pity from winds and sea storms, there are remains of a hermitage
dating back to the V-VI century and the ruins of a XI century church.