Trekking on the Portofino Promontory

More and more people are now choosing the paths of the Mountain of Portofino to spend a different day, far from the traffic and from the crowds of towns: expert walkers and occasional walkers united by the love for nature, they fall in love with these paths which offer amazing views and the quiet of an unique environment. The small village of San Fruttuoso represents the ideal destination for these excursions, not only because from here all boats directed to Portofino, Santa Margherita and Rapallo leave, from where it is then easy the return to the towns where they have come from, but also because from here many of the paths which cross the Park of Portofino leave.

The return by boat has therefore become a “must” of these excursions, both for the quiet pleasure of a comfortable trip by boat after the weariness of the walk and both for the curiosity to locate from the sea the path just covered. There are many possibility on the mountain, many those by sea: we will be very happy to suggest the itinerary most suitable to your necessities, in order to enjoy completely the views of the environment.

The rates for this type of excursion vary according to the itinerary and therefore of the course covered by sea.
The discount is granted to groups with a minimum of 25 boys participant, with a free person ever 25 paying people.

Group proposals 2024

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Tariffs 2023

The rates for this type of excursion vary according to the itinerary and therefore of the course covered by sea.

San Fruttuoso – Portofino - per person € 8,00
San Fruttuoso – Santa Margherita Ligure (with a stop in Portofino) - per person € 10,40
San Fruttuoso – Rapallo (With stops in Portofino and/or or Santa Marghe) - per person € 12,00
Portofino – Santa Margherita Ligure - per person € 7,20
Portofino – Rapallo - per person € 8,80


Varies depending on the period – View: Line 1 – Rapallo /S. Margherita Ligure / Porofino / San Fruttuoso.
Possibility of customized services, with charter boats, for locations not included in the scheduled service.

Our proposals:

Suggested itineraries on foot

  • Excursion 1:

    San Rocco – Batterie – San Fruttuoso

    • Mark ●●
    • Walking time 2h30′
    • Difficulty: **** t has paths exposed with railings, so it is for expert hikers.

    Very panoramic itinerary with views on Punta Chiappa and the Paradise Gulf until Genoa and all the Western Riviera in the clear days. You go beyond the anti-aircraft batteries, you walk over the “Gold Cove” and then you get down to San Fruttuoso.

  • Excursion 2:

    Ruta – Portofino Vetta – Gaixella – Pietre Strette – San Fruttuoso

    • Mark from Ruta to Gaixella ▪ – from Gaixella to Pietre Strette ▪ ○ – from Pietre Strette to San Fruttuoso ○
    • Walking time 1h45′
    • Difficulty: **

    Itinerary not very difficult especially in the first part, which offers a marvelous panoramic view both on the Tigullio Gulf and on the Paradise Gulf. From Pietre Strette, crossroads place of the Park paths, you can go to San Fruttuoso directly by the path that gets down along the gully, or you can slightly extend the excursion by taking the divertion to Base “0”.

  • Excursion 3:

    Santa Margherita Ligure – Gave – Olmi – Base “0” – San Fruttuoso

    • Mark until the place Olmi + – from Olmi to San Fruttuoso ●●
    • Walking time 2h45′
    • Difficulty: **

    Quite long panoramic itinerary that initially go across villas to get to the place “Gavi”, Molini (with water springs) and “Olmi”. From here to Base “0” you walk along the southern face of the promontory, and then you go down to S. Fruttuoso that, seen from above, it looks like closed in a shell.

  • Excursion 4:

    Santa Margherita Ligure – Bocche – Olmi – Portofino Mare

    • Mark from Santa Margherita Ligure – Costasecca – Bocche ♦♦ – from Bocche to Portofino Mare ▪
    • Walking time 2h00′
    • Difficulty: **

    It is an itinerary similar to the previous one but shorter, that leaves S. Margherita and it goes up to the “Bocche Mount”, to go further to the place “Olmi” before getting down to Portofino Mare. From here you can get a boat to reach S. Fruttuoso, and It is possible to come back to S. Margherita and to Rapallo by boat.