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The Cinque Terre

Visit with the lines:

Left the Tigullio Gulf the boat go across the Riva Trigoso bay, famous for its shipyards,
and doubled the charming Point Baffe it reaches Moneglia, native town of the painter Luca Cambiaso.
Getting into La Spezia County, you see Deiva Marina, medieval village and Framura, whose hamlets lie down on a wide natural amphitheatre sloping down the sea.

After Bonassola, village with deep maritime traditions, you sail towards the Promontory of Mesco passing off Levanto,
big center surrounded by old hamlets full of history and monuments.

Gone beyond Point Mesco, till Cape Montenero, extends a broad gulf onto face the tiny villages MONTEROSSO, VERNAZZA, CORNIGLIA, MANAROLA, RIOMAGGIORE known as the Cinque Terre since 1448.
They are five villages by the sea, set on the rocks in an environment that man has shaped over the centuries,
by building dry-stone walls and terraced grounds on which the vite has grown all the time.
Stone and salinity, wind and sun are the secrets of the Cinque Terre wine and of the rare and precious Sciacchetrà,
produced by letting wither the best grapes of the nicest gathered bunches.
The Cinque Terre are one of the greenest and most extended Mediterranean areas in Liguria, a kingdom of nature and marvelous scents.
Visiting those means seeing five villages suspended between land and sea, grasped on sheer cliffs and surrounded by green hills.