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Placed in the middle of the eastern Ligurian Riviera, the Tigullio Gulf extends from the Portofino point to Manara Cape, and on its sea face highly tourist vocation towns like Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Sestri Levante, the little jewels Zoagli and Riva Trigoso and centres full of history like Chiavari and Lavagna. And what you can say about Portofino, famous all over the world and exclusive international touristic destination!

The mild weather, a blue sea where multicolored facades of the seafaring villages are mirrored, the Natural Park of Portofino with its famous San Fruttuoso Abbey and a close network of paths for the trekking lovers, are only some of the characteristics that make really incomparable this corner of Liguria (look at Line 1 and Tour n°2).

But from the Tigullio Gulf you can easily reach the inland valleys as well, where the large and often unexpected views of a surprising landscape represents the place where a millenarian peasant culture has developed and they give the opportunity to taste the most typical traditional dishes in the local little restaurants , so that a tasty and stimulating gastronomical challenge is created with the most famous restaurants by the sea.

A common choice of the people who visits our region is staying in the Tigullio area as well to devote at least one day to the history, the museums and the monuments of Genoa – the ancient Maritime Republic known as “The Superb” – that nowadays combine to the cultural tourism the call of its most recent touristic attractions like theAquarium and the Ancient Port Area. (look at tour n°6).
Furthermore the Tigullio Area is even the ideal access gate to live the big emotions of an excursion to the Cinque Terre! Raise the hands who has never heard of “the Love Street” and of the five famous villages grasped at the rocks in an environment really unique, so much as to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage”in 1997 (look at tour n° 3, n°4, n°5, n°7).
So… why not living the emotion of a Cinque Terre tour on one of our boats?